Sunday, March 20, 2011

Video from '4. 2. 3.'

Here are two short snippets from the short I just directed (and wrote/produced), 4. 2. 3.  Keep in mind there is no sound design, no music and no color correction on these.  And they are in lo-res NTSC.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interesting Next Few Weeks

There are a lot of balls in the air right now in regard to the films I'm working on, and the next few weeks/months should prove to be very interesting for myself and my partners at Mike the Pike.  

The list includes a production fund for Mike the Pike, investment coin for Filmworks Finishing Partners, the pre-IPO of Filmworks Finishing Partners, a distribution deal for MTP and Filmworks FP... and Harbor Moon hits shelves in 3 hours!

So go out and get a copy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Been Locked Away Editing...

Sorry everyone (all 2 of you)... I've been seriously slacking. About a month ago, I flew to Los Angeles to prep and then direct a short film, 4. 2. 3.  I'm currently in post on the film, and until yesterday things were going slooow.

4. 2. 3. is actually a prequel to R.E.M. - but stands on its own as a short film (and will be produced as a comic that will appear as Issue #0 in the digital release of the R.E.M. series). Working hard with Mark Newbauer from Mike the Pike on the graphic novel and the feature, via our banner Spokefish.

It's being produced by myself, Ken Locsmandi (my partner in Filmworks Finishing Partners and owner of Filmworks/FX), Jim Devoti and Luiza Ricupero.  Jimmy has killed it, getting the financing, our locations, pulling together a great cast and just getting shit done.

The cast consists of:

Brian Johnson - Michael
Cameron Richardson - Eva
Mike Genovese - Kolos
Jim Devoti - Jimmy

Things are starting to shape up and I can't wait to dive into sound design and music.  Here is a little taste... a raw clip from the opening of the short (no color correction, no sound design, no music).