Thursday, May 20, 2010

Skin Trade: Artwork

Because the publisher putting together the graphic novel for The Skin Trade has been stand-offish, to say the least - I went and got artwork done for the film.  I had two pieces done.  One is by Pawel Sambor and is more artistic (ie... a bit more subtle/abstract).  Pawel also did the title design, which came out awesome. The other is more photo-realistic by Marek Purzyki - done as an old polaroid.  The design work on Marek's (turning it into an old polaroid) was done by Anna Mancheva.  She also happened to do the title design for Bulderlyns.
Fans of the book will know the origins of these two images.  The former is the cane that werewolf elder, Jonathan Harmon, carries.

The latter is Blackstone Manor, the towering Harmon estate that overlooks the decaying city.

Movie Review: Iron Man 2

It looks good.  The set pieces are cool.  Iron Man, when he's in the suit, looks and moves awesomely.

But this film is completely forgettable.  There is not much redeeming about the story of this film, nor about any of the characters.  None of the storylines come together, and individually they all fall flat.

Too many characters makes for a movie full of nothing.  I don't even want to waste too much time writing on this... because this movie had all the makings of something that could have been great... like The Dark Knight to Batman Begins... but falls way short of the first one. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring in NY

I haven't been very active on here lately... which is a good thing I guess.  It means I'm swamped.  There is a lot of momentum on a bunch of my projects...  I will give a quick recap and then enjoy some of this sunshine.

Lil crossed the $1,000 mark today, less than a week into our Kickstarter campaign.  Hopefully we can keep up this momentum.

Jim Devoti and I are piecing together what we think is a pretty brilliant strategy for our film King of the Night.  More will obviously be revealed regarding that - but not until the right time.  In the meantime, Karol Wisniewski, who designed the site for Harbor Moon, is building the King of the Night website. 

I think we may have our tech glitches sorted out on R.E.M.: The Graphic Novel and we're back up and running.  Marco is also changing gears a bit and inking the book in grayscale.  It looks great.  As soon as we get that sorted we're going to print some 'mini-issues' for promotional use (and to submit to talent on the film front).

The Skin Trade is firing on all cylinders right now.  I finished the business proposal content and handed it off to my graphic designer.  She should have a first pass done any day now.  I also enlisted Pawel to do a piece of artwork for the project, as well as Marek.  Pawel was the artist on Harbor Moon and Marek did the cover for R.E.M. as well as a promo piece/splash page for Chasing Rabbits

Karol is lettering and doing the layout for the Fuzzies illusrated book... that should be done very shortly as well.  Pretty excited to see it all come together.

Nelson Evergreen finished a promo piece for Bulderlyns recently.  I am going to start a Kickstarter campaign for that project as well.  It is a pretty special piece and couldn't come out any better.  I think the title design (by Anna) came out great, and Karol did a great job of adding the color/texture to it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lil - The Kickstarter Campaign

My first Kickstarter campaign was launched today.  It is a children's book series called 'Lil'.

If you have children, or are a fan of the arts, please check it out:


Kickstarter is free to sign up and all payments go through Amazon.  If you have an Amazon account you're all set.  And you don't get charged until the raise is successful within our 60 days.