Thursday, May 20, 2010

Skin Trade: Artwork

Because the publisher putting together the graphic novel for The Skin Trade has been stand-offish, to say the least - I went and got artwork done for the film.  I had two pieces done.  One is by Pawel Sambor and is more artistic (ie... a bit more subtle/abstract).  Pawel also did the title design, which came out awesome. The other is more photo-realistic by Marek Purzyki - done as an old polaroid.  The design work on Marek's (turning it into an old polaroid) was done by Anna Mancheva.  She also happened to do the title design for Bulderlyns.
Fans of the book will know the origins of these two images.  The former is the cane that werewolf elder, Jonathan Harmon, carries.

The latter is Blackstone Manor, the towering Harmon estate that overlooks the decaying city.

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