Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie Review: Triangle

I blame a few people I know, and movie podcasts, for recommending the film Triangle.  Specifically - Clay, this was on your top of the year lists - and everyone at the /Filmcast podcast - you took two hours of my life and I want it back.

Not going to bore you with the fine points - this movie was one word - boring.  And I have a few more words - poorly acted (Melissa George was almost unwatchable), poorly paced, the writing was weak and the supporting cast was even worse.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rev Theory

Chances are you've heard Rev Theory and not even realized it.  They have the theme song to Blue Mountain State, Broken Bones is all over AMC's The Cleaner and their music appears in Madden Football.  If you're lucky, you own their albums.  Even luckier if you've seen them live.  This band rocks.  Hard.

Start with Light It Up and make your way over to their new album Justice.  Then backtrack and pick up their indie release Truth is Currency (under the name Revelation Theory).  

I haven't been this into a band since the gang from Saved by the Bell formed 'Zack Attack'.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Harbor Moon Hits Comic Shops - FINALLY

April 12 came and went with a whimper for me.  After months (over a year) of the book being done, Harbor Moon finally shipped last Tuesday.

It is at once my greatest accomplish and the bane of my existence. It has been such a struggle from its very inception (me calling Brian Anderson in 2003) to last week - and not for any other reason than other people. The best part of the entire process was dealing with Karol/Pawel and then all of those that accepted the book for review - some of who I talk to on a very consistent basis. One of those reviewers, who I had zero relationship with before his review of the book, actually wrote a script for me (details to follow). Company politics, vulture producers and a host of other miscreants have come and gone throughout the process - but one thing never wavered - my belief in the book and myself. I am glad I was created this way - disturbed and with a laser-like focus, that is usually to my detriment but propels me to do things others can't or won't. And I hope you have a chance to check out Harbor Moon - because I believe that what we did is worthy of your time (and money).

And if you do check it out, and like it, please take the time to submit a review on Amazon.  Your words can go a long way.

It was my dream growing up to make comics - and I am proud of the fact I have been able to accomplish that. It's hard pulling it off when you yourself aren't the artist, and it is even harder trying to sell them - but when you love what you are doing and the products you are putting out it makes it all worth it.

Special Thanks in New British Comics

I received a package of comics from Karol Wisniewski today - not for me, but for me to send out in the states for him.  New British Comics #2 and #3 - an anthology of short comics from some of the best creators in the UK.

I was skimming its pages, wanting to dive into every story when something caught my eye.  After the words 'special thanks' it had my name. I am not sure what I did - I am an inspiration to all mankind, I know - but I was pretty stoked. The book is awesome - and between #2 and #3 has two of the best covers I've ever seen (#2 by Nelson Evergreen - who also did one of the covers for Bulderlyns) (#3 by Lawrence Elwick - who is the creator/artist on Lil).  Really cool of Karol, for whatever reason, to extend that thanks to me.

Movie Review: What Doesn't Kill You

Not really why I chose to watch this on Netflix Instant over and above the 109 titles that come before it (I am fanatical about the ordering of my queue)... I think maybe I was in the mood for a movie about gangsters/crime.  And everything else I have on there is from before 1970 or from another country (and it was late and I didn't want to read subtitles)...  But I'm glad I did watch What Doesn't Kill You.

The movie is about two lifelong friends and hoodlums, Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo, growing up in Boston.  They nickel and dime their way through life on small jobs here and there.  They feel as if bigger things are in the cards for them and start extorting money from drug dealers - and this is when Mark Ruffalo's Brian spirals out of control into alcohol and crack addiction.  What is alarming about this movie is that it is based on real people - the writer/director Brian Goodman telling his own tale of redemption.  It's a pretty small, intimate movie - as far as mob/crime movies go.  But he does a good job of keeping us interested and keeping up pace - and he does an even better job casting.  Ruffalo is once again amazing.  He is scary and conflicted and dark and brooding and so hard to figure out it is great to watch.  Hawke is also solid - as usual.  Everyone else appears as if they rolled off the streets of South Boston - more so than even Gone Baby Gone and The Town.  Probably because Goodman is one of these people, more so than anyone could imagine.  Someone who impressed me here was Amanda Peet.  Even though she's in my movie Battle for Terra, I always found her to be icy.  But she is able to show enough cracks in her exterior to make me feel some sympathy for her...

Movie Review: Easy A

After hearing all year how I was missing out on this gem, I sat down ready to be wowed... and was completely and utterly disappointed.

Easy A follows all of the tired cliches that these type of films present.  Complete with the gay friend, the girl who just isn't understood by her classmates, the snobby popular chick... The story was lame and somewhat unbelievable.  Actually - just flat out made no sense as to why she was bitching about what was going on, but could easily change things and decided not to.

The most interesting part of the film were Olive's parents, particularly Stanley Tucci.  He really shines here and reminded why I think of him as the most-underrated actor out there.  Special mention to Emma Stone.  She was actually the only reason I kept watching... she's got spunk.  I like spunk.

Movie Review: Cyrus

Finally had a chance to catch up with Jay Duplass' Cyrus, which I heard nothing but good things about.  And I'm glad I did.

It is an odd little movie that stars John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill and Marisa Tomei.  They are all really good in their respective roles.  Reilly is a depressed loser who falls for Tomei's wallflower character, who lives with her creepy son - Hill.  I guess the only head scratcher is why Tomei falls for Reilly.  He's awesome, but she's really hot.

The film is almost exactly what I expected.  A quirky drama with its fair share of laughs and uncomfortable moments - the sort of things that have defined the Duplass Brother 'mumblecore' films.

Definitely worth taking a look.

A Game of Thrones

If you aren't watching A Game of Thrones, you probably shouldn't read this blog.  You need to find some culture.

George R.R. Martin is a genius.  And I'm not just saying that because I'm producing his novella The Skin Trade.  Martin and Patrick Rothfuss are my two favorite fantasy/horror authors and their books/shorts are amazing.

The first episode did a lot of setting things up - and ended with a bang.  Hoping they continue to drive forward... going to be a sweet series.

Artist on R.E.M.

After a long process, we've finally come to an agreement with Russ Manning Award finalist and all-around amazing artist Budi Setiawan to pencil and ink R.E.M.

He takes the baton from Marco Magallanes... who put together some top notch layouts for Budi to now bring to amazing life.

This book is dark, it is brooding and it is going to kick tremendous ass.

Here is Pawel's title design - which I don't believe I've posted yet.

Over a Month huh?

I bet the three people who read this have really missed me.  I didn't realize it has been so long.  Working hard.

Waiting on my trip back to LA to finish the mix for 4.2.3. - then that will be finished.  It was looking good, then Kenny and his team at Filmworks/FX got their hands on it and now it looks awesome.  Can't wait to have that wrapped up.  

We're knee deep in pre-production on this other feature.  I can't say much about it - which is why I guess I've been so silent.  Sorry all - but as we get information and it is released, I will update it here as well.  I can say this - it is going to be fucking amazing.  Type of project that turns the industry on its head a bit.  

Igor is grinding out pages on Bulderlyns.  Here's one of my favorites...