Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rev Theory

Chances are you've heard Rev Theory and not even realized it.  They have the theme song to Blue Mountain State, Broken Bones is all over AMC's The Cleaner and their music appears in Madden Football.  If you're lucky, you own their albums.  Even luckier if you've seen them live.  This band rocks.  Hard.

Start with Light It Up and make your way over to their new album Justice.  Then backtrack and pick up their indie release Truth is Currency (under the name Revelation Theory).  

I haven't been this into a band since the gang from Saved by the Bell formed 'Zack Attack'.


  1. read this and went straight to youtube and watched HELL YEAH
    and I was like 'who the hell are this band and how come I don't
    know about them' (err because I'm in the uk) so thanks for bringing
    them to my attention ... + I need that ZACK ATTACK shirt(!!)
    cool blog
    - George

  2. Thanks...

    And no problem. You should definitely check out their album Light it Up. I know they toured Europe about 3 years ago and are dying to get back (I think it is up to their label where they go at this point).

    I got that shirt direct from NBC Universal's t-shirt shop online. I was looking for Friday Night Lights tshirts and found that and had to have it. Every single time I wear it - I get at least one comment.