Thursday, April 21, 2011

Special Thanks in New British Comics

I received a package of comics from Karol Wisniewski today - not for me, but for me to send out in the states for him.  New British Comics #2 and #3 - an anthology of short comics from some of the best creators in the UK.

I was skimming its pages, wanting to dive into every story when something caught my eye.  After the words 'special thanks' it had my name. I am not sure what I did - I am an inspiration to all mankind, I know - but I was pretty stoked. The book is awesome - and between #2 and #3 has two of the best covers I've ever seen (#2 by Nelson Evergreen - who also did one of the covers for Bulderlyns) (#3 by Lawrence Elwick - who is the creator/artist on Lil).  Really cool of Karol, for whatever reason, to extend that thanks to me.

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