Thursday, April 21, 2011

Movie Review: Easy A

After hearing all year how I was missing out on this gem, I sat down ready to be wowed... and was completely and utterly disappointed.

Easy A follows all of the tired cliches that these type of films present.  Complete with the gay friend, the girl who just isn't understood by her classmates, the snobby popular chick... The story was lame and somewhat unbelievable.  Actually - just flat out made no sense as to why she was bitching about what was going on, but could easily change things and decided not to.

The most interesting part of the film were Olive's parents, particularly Stanley Tucci.  He really shines here and reminded why I think of him as the most-underrated actor out there.  Special mention to Emma Stone.  She was actually the only reason I kept watching... she's got spunk.  I like spunk.

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