Thursday, April 21, 2011

Harbor Moon Hits Comic Shops - FINALLY

April 12 came and went with a whimper for me.  After months (over a year) of the book being done, Harbor Moon finally shipped last Tuesday.

It is at once my greatest accomplish and the bane of my existence. It has been such a struggle from its very inception (me calling Brian Anderson in 2003) to last week - and not for any other reason than other people. The best part of the entire process was dealing with Karol/Pawel and then all of those that accepted the book for review - some of who I talk to on a very consistent basis. One of those reviewers, who I had zero relationship with before his review of the book, actually wrote a script for me (details to follow). Company politics, vulture producers and a host of other miscreants have come and gone throughout the process - but one thing never wavered - my belief in the book and myself. I am glad I was created this way - disturbed and with a laser-like focus, that is usually to my detriment but propels me to do things others can't or won't. And I hope you have a chance to check out Harbor Moon - because I believe that what we did is worthy of your time (and money).

And if you do check it out, and like it, please take the time to submit a review on Amazon.  Your words can go a long way.

It was my dream growing up to make comics - and I am proud of the fact I have been able to accomplish that. It's hard pulling it off when you yourself aren't the artist, and it is even harder trying to sell them - but when you love what you are doing and the products you are putting out it makes it all worth it.

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