Monday, July 26, 2010

SDCC 2010 - A Hit

Just got back from San Diego and Comic-con 2010... where Harbor Moon debuted.  For all intents and purposes it was a successful trip.  I had a lot of nerves and stress leading up to it, and even while there - but it was a lot of fun being on the other side of the booth for the first time.

Just wanted to thank everyone at Arcana and booth 2415 for being so great - Sean, Mark, Erick, Rachel, Amanda...  you were all great.

I also learned that Harbor Moon was the first book that Mark Poulton actually gave the thumbs up to - so I owe him a lot already, but that is pretty cool...

I did some interviews, handed out some copies to reviewers, met a ton of creators/artists/writers who were all awesome and sold some books.  Special shout out to Sean Wise and Pennance, the story of a superhero on trial, and Scrooge vs. Santa - a pretty self explanatory title... two other books that were debuting at the Arcana booth - with awesome creative teams.  And Mark Poulton's Koni franchise kept steamrolling forward (a great signing with the team and Malese Jow from the Vampire Diaries who is attached to star in the TV version went down on Sat that lasted for a long time...)

I'll do future posts that highlight each of those creators and their titles.  As well as some of the other artists/creators that had some excellent stuff at the con.  

Oh - and special thanks to my dad - who braved the trip to SD and the jungle of fellow geeks all weekend.  We were on our feet for four straight days and he rarely complained and seemed to genuinely enjoy himself. Without him none of this was possible and he helped me realize a dream I've had since I picked up my first comic.  He is my hero, my patron and my best friend.

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