Thursday, February 3, 2011

Work, work, work...

Shooting a 15 minute short in LA the weekend of the 18th - and gearing up quickly.  Just blasted through 175 DP reels.  Now, I have to go back and watch the top 40 or so and keep whittling it down.

Already started sorting through composers (got one that already jumped out at me as perfect), as well as singers for a song at the end.  Our lead actress is a 30 year old latina, so I need to find someone that matches her making it a bit tricky.  But I will get someone awesome, that's just how I do.

The short is actually based on R.E.M., however it is not a short of that material.  It is a prequel to that story focusing on the relationship between the lead in that and his lost love (obviously she's alive in this).  Also going to be turning this into a comic (it'll be roughly 30 pages and will be an issue digitally).

Back to work...

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