Sunday, May 8, 2011

Workers Behind the Wheel Should Be Held to Higher Standard

A pedestrian in NYC was mowed down by a tour bus this morning.  It just so happens that the driver of the bus was drunk.

This isn't the first time an employee, whether it is from the private sector or public, that the person behind the wheel was intoxicated (drugs/alcohol) and killed someone, or multiple people.  Recently, a subway car crashed because of an impaired driver.  There was a ferry that killed a dozen people captained by a drunk.

Why are these individuals not held to a higher standard?  There is technology out there where you cannot start the vehicle unless you pass a breathalyzer test.  Citizens have to use this in certain counties after a certain number of DWI's.  For all workers who operate a vehicle - this should be mandatory.  Not as something that occurs after an incident, but mandatory.  Cops, firemen, bus drivers, subway drivers, state employees driving publicly owned vehicles, mailmen, etc... They should all be held to a higher standard.  There is no reason not to.

And if I ran a company where my employees were driving company owned vehicles, a plumbing company or Fedex or UPS or 1800-Flowers - I would require these devices in every vehicle or truck as well.  

If it became standard across the board then no one would complain.

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