Monday, July 11, 2011

Graham Taylor's 'Prescription for the Evolution of Indie Film'

Still catching up on all of the blog posts by Ted Hope in recent weeks and came across the one about WME's Graham Taylor's speech at LAIFF (Prescription for the Evolution of Indie Film).

You can listen to it through the link on the blog.  But the best part was re-posted on Hope's site, and gets to what I was talking about yesterday as to what I felt was the most important first lesson in filmmaking:

"In closing: I’m not an optimist because I’m a lunatic. It’s a learned optimism, one that’s founded upon years of experience, tenacity, and perseverance in this business. We have to be educated on the issues and challenges that face us. I have not gone into the economic issues today as they are well-documented and we are bombarded with them every day. BORING!
What’s not boring is making shit happen. We are the inmates taking over the asylum. We Build, Enable and Activate content, financing and distribution. We are in a revolution and now is our time. We finally have a bigger seat at the table."

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