Thursday, March 4, 2010

Television. Are We in the Golden Age?

After all that is going on with my projects and the news about A Game of Thrones, I've been thinking about TV a lot lately... and how I never thought I really wanted to be in television - maybe dabble here and there... but there is a lot of interesting programming on the tube these days.  With networks other than HBO starting to create great shows (Showtime, FX, USA, Starz, A&E, etc...) the line is really starting to blur between the film and tv worlds.  I have been sitting on an idea for a cop/undercover show that would was somewhat inspired by Infernal Affairs (which later became The Departed).  I have a lot on my plate right now, but when the time is right I really want to sit down and map out the first season and characters.

So, with that, I put together a top 10 list of my favorite shows currently on the air (or with another season going to air).  Classics like The Wire and The Shield could not contend.  Live broadcasts, such as Monday Night Football, were also off-limits.

1. Sportscenter

Just because live broadcasts did not meet the criteria doesn't mean a news program such as this does as well.  I watch it everyday and this alone is the reason ESPN is the 'Worldwide Leader in Sports'.

2. Dexter

The best narrative show on television.  Hands down.  Best written, with the best acting.  It constantly keeps you on your toes.  You are rooting for a serial killer.  Wrap your head around that.

3. P.T.I.

Along with Sportscenter, I also watch this everyday.  Kornheiser and Wilbon have become such a part of my daily routine.  Clever, opinionated... and informative.

4. Weeds

The show is awesome, and I don't even smoke pot.  She's funny, tragic and hot all at the same time.  The supporting cast has really grown with the show.  The first season was the best, but it keeps getting interesting.

5. Modern Family

The best comedy on TV right now.  I love the style they shoot it in. 

6. The Ultimate Fighter

It's not the most exciting programming on television anymore, but I watch it without fail.  I have fallen in love with MMA and it gives me an opportunity to see up-and-coming fighters and try and compare my game to theirs.  And gives me hope.

7. Eastbound & Down

In six short episodes it became, to me, one of the funniest shows ever made.  It started off stronger than it ended, because the character was growing a heart and all that... and I'm looking forward to seeing where they take it in Season 2.

8. Intervention

Every parent or parent-to-be should be forced to watch an entire season - or every episode ever made - of Intervention.  Not just to learn how to deal with drugs and those addicted to drugs, but what not to do when raising your children.  And these stories/people are all real.

9. Community

If you like Joel McHale, then you will love Community.  I like Joel McHale.  Chevy Chase is funny again too.

10. Friday Night Lights

The move off of NBC really hurt this show in my standings.  I have to wait until way after the season to even see it anymore... I really like some of the characters on the show, but I hate some of the others - so it may be in jeopardy of getting axed from my viewing (like Heroes after Season 2).

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