Monday, April 19, 2010

Coming Out of the Fog

It's been a while since I've posted... sorry about that.  I've been in a dark place, working furiously.  Actually, I have been bogged down in technical difficulties.  A while back I shot a lacrosse commercial for Maverik Lacrosse, but after an injury shelved the project without finishing it completely.  I was never thrilled with my music (had it done twice too), and somewhere along the way the video quality got funky - which made me fall out back then. 

R.E.M. has made the final round for the Sundance Producer's Lab (via Luiza Ricupero), so it was time to buckle down and finish the damn thing.  The problem has been that in Final Cut Pro it looks amazing, and anytime I output it (to any format, codec, spec, etc...) it looks bad.  Blurry, pixelated... gross.  I've been losing my hair trying to figure this out.  I finally succombed to shrinking the frame size so the quality is better and just locking it for now.  The problem is the file I'm working off.  Like I said, somewhere along the way a file got funky.  So I have to go back to the raw files and recut them to match the spot as it is now.  It is a lacrosse action/shooting spot and there are a lot of cuts... so it means it will take a long time for me to do that. 

The good news is that I finally figured out my musical choices and sound - and I am very pleased with it overall.  The visual effects and the overall look of the commercial are great - and now it sounds great.  I will post it on here shortly.

Off to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, something I've been dying to check out for a while now.  First time heading to the theater in a few weeks.  It'll be good to get back in the game.

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