Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maverik Commercial

Ah, my director's reel.  A thing of beauty.  A thing of excellence.  A thing that doesn't exist.

My old desktop died when I first moved to Los Angeles, and this was before I was smart enough to back up my computer. I had my entire collection of short films on there from college, and my 'epic' short after I graduated (to be fair, the soundtrack to that film is awesome)... My parents moved while I was away and lost in the move were the actual film negatives of these.  So, essentially, everything I ever shot disappeared almost overnight.

Since I was at the Peter Stark Producing Program, emphasis on 'producing', I have spent most of my time since then actually doing just that, not directing.  Although, I have since shot a few things... most notable was a lacrosse commercial I did with Sean Lindsey, one of the principles of lacrosse equipment company Maverik Lacrosse.

I explained in the previous post what sort of happened with it.  However, now that I have shifted my attention to writing/directing, it has become a priority to start building my reel up again. And this meant going back in and finalizing the commercial.  I have, for the most part. It was shot in HD, but somewhere along the way the files lost a few few generations. I actually have to go back to the raw files and re-cut the entire thing based on my current edit. This won't be that hard, but it will take a lot of time. I have almost 3 hours of footage.  And this is time I just don't have right now.  But, you can now view my commercial in all its glory:


This was shot by Kev Robertson, but I did everything else.  Directed, edited, sound design, music editor, etc...  Enjoy.

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