Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And Then the Cold Sets In...

Have I mentioned that I do not like the cold?  Like is a pretty tame word.  Hate.  Loathe.  Despise. 

It's been really nice in NY, but the weather is finally starting to turn.  Around November 1 of every year the cold sets in.  You might get a sunny and 50 something day here and there, but for the most part it sucks.  This lasts until the thaw begins in March.

This cold brings nothing good.  Layers of clothing.  Dirty slush.  A mental buckling down, bracing yourself for what God is about to give you.  All of it a grim reminder that summer and sunshine is fleeting... 

The one good thing about a change of seasons is that it gives you the mental ability to wipe a slate clean.  To change direction and chart a new course in your life, or segment of your life.  I've been on a pretty eratic course since I dropped out of school (and later went back and then to grad school) over a decade ago.  My course changing paths all the time, constantly evolving as a person.  I love this aspect of myself.  It shapes who I am.  I am predictably unpredictable.  To lose this process of self-discovery, or discovery in general must be so utterly... devastating.  Since I was young I knew I was not destined for this type of life.  To be sedentary, to exist in one place - one time. It is so infinitely boring.  And nothing scares me more, besides going bald, than being bored.

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