Monday, November 8, 2010

Harbor Moon on Wikipedia and Good Reads

Just wanted to let everyone know that the greatest werewolf graphic novel to not officially come out yet has been added to Wikipedia. In case you don't know, it was financed, edited and written by myself (and Dikran Ornekian). Polish artist Pawel Sambor is the artist, with some additional artwork by Nikodem Cabala. Karol Wisniewski is the man behind the curtain who helped make it all happen.

I also wanted to share Good Reads with everyone, a website that is sort of like Facebook for readers (in fact, it works in conjunction with Facebook if you want it to). It catalogs what you are reading, want to read, have read, etc... You can even keep in touch with actual authors (such as myself) and participate in give-aways. Currently, after getting 1000 entries into the initial Harbor Moon give-away I'm holding another that ends on December 15. So... go - sign-up and participate. Get active about your reading before you become a TV zombie. I was turned onto the site by someone extremely special to me (who maybe thinks she isn't that special but she'd be very, very wrong - if they didn't think they were so tough they'd see that they are living their life and making choices based on fear rather than hope and trust, but I digress). Now I share it with you.

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