Sunday, August 21, 2011

What to Write Next?

After coming off producing White Space, it has been hard to motivate to write something new.  But now I'm back in the game and ready to pull the trigger.  I just can't decide where my focus should be.  Well, to be honest, my focus is on the R.E.M. feature.  But that only occupies a section of my brain each day, as I can only do so much in one day on it (without the cash in hand).  I've also had a lot going on with the graphic novels in the last two weeks (Bulderlyns, R.E.M. (4.2.3. prequel book) and Chasing Rabbits).  But again, it is different from writing.

Right now I'm deciding between the following:

-The Beast novella.  The script is written and I have a very, very loose prose translation.  It needs a tremendous amount of work.

- Penny Black script. Since I'm focusing so heavily on R.E.M. right now, although this is cool - the idea was a project I could do for around $100,000.  I'm also having a hard time getting in the lead character's head.

- Undercover Cop Show.  This would be like a cross between The Wire and Sopranos.  Like a Donnie Brasco/Departed (although I prefer Infernal Affairs) television show.  Each season would be a new 'case', much like each season of The Wire focused on a new element.  The idea is that the first season's overarching storyline is that this one cop's partner got killed and he's dead set on finding out who did it, no matter the cost to him or his family/loved ones.

I guess right now it would be between The Beast and this TV show.  It's probably easier for me to write The Beast, and more efficient.  However, I then have to begin the long process of printing the books (or shopping for a publisher) and promotion, etc...  and for little in return (potentially).  Since White Space didn't really pay me much (or anything), this has the TV show in the lead.  But, it too is daunting because it's not one script - I have to develop the series/characters behind it.  And probably plot out the whole first season.

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