Saturday, October 10, 2009

Did Universal make the right choice?

So Universal fires one marketing maven only to replace him with another as chief of the studio.  It didn't work the first time, do they think this time it will.  I think Disney is facing a similar situation with Oren.  These guys are great at what they do, but when you don't have production experience how can you expect them to successfully handle running production?

I find a similar problem with bringing top notch specialty label guys (and girls) in to run the studio.  They are doing specialty films, not films for the masses.  I hope they are getting paid a fortune, because I have to believe they are smart enough to realize their tastes will never run congruent to what the studio needs to survive - and that is big franchises and four quadrant type films.  Dreck like The Fantastic Four and The Mummy.  And bad directors like Stephen Sommers and Tim Story.

I think a notable exception could be Peter Rice.  The man is a genius.

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