Saturday, October 24, 2009

Injury Tally

I was going over my injuries since 2002 today and it is a lengthy list.

Before 2002, I had broken both my pinky toes in the 8th grade playing on turf - which is something you can't do anything about because they just keep breaking.  It is uncomfortable for about a year or so and then you just don't notice it.  I also have a dislocated radial head on the right arm, which I may have had since birth.  Since I have movement in my arm, although not full movement, and the pain only comes and goes - there is nothing they can do for me without risking possible loss of movement completely and a possible amputation.  No thanks.  I had a benign tumor in my mouth (found out during a dental exam for the Air Force Academy) and a tonsillectomy, both when I was 17.

On April 14, 2002 I ruptured my kidney playing lacrosse.  It was a miracle I did not bleed to death internally and I was in the ICU for about a month.  After that, my body's ability to bounce back and/or avoid injury completely went to hell.

Since then I have done the following playing lacrosse:

-Torn achilles
-Separated right shoulder
-Separated left shoulder
-Torn left hamstring
-Partially torn right hamstring
-A few broken fingers
-Degenerated discs in my lower back and neck

Add in a broken left cheek bone from a fight against about 15 guys in San Francisco and you've got a good picture of the last 7 years.

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