Friday, October 22, 2010

A Lot Going On

And not much time to do it, let alone update all of my loyal followers.  Don't fret, here I am.

We're in the final stages of designing the 35 Movie Minutes website (blame Rob, he's getting killed at work and it took a sit-down lunch to map out his bio).  Looks pretty rad.  Here's a screen shot of the contact page:

It is being designed by Mancheva Designs, and coded by Karol Wisniewski.  Once that is done, we will be ready to go live.  Still haven't done a dry run, but we've been on the mics a bunch doing conversational dry runs. 

I'm also at the tail end of what will be the beginning of Filmworks Finishing Partners.  I've been putting this together with Ken Locsmandi of Filmworks/FX for over a year now and it is picking up some serious steam as of late.  The biggest reason is because we are not trying to raise money in the typical fashion, but are taking the company public.  Mark B. Newbauer from Mike the Pike Productions has been the driving force behind this new direction and he now makes up one-third of the company.  The PPM should get finished today and we should be out to investors Monday/Tuesday for the Pre-IPO.  Pretty exciting stuff... the possibilties of how the company can grow are somewhat limitless.  It all falls on our shoulders to choose films wisely and finish them well.

Also started getting layouts in for Bulderlyns.  We had been in character design for well over 4 months, so it was starting to get frustrating for myself, Karol and the artist.  But we've regrouped and even though they are only layouts, I can see this book shaping up to become something special.  It has made me question the script and if it will live up to the artwork.  I just worry about how the lead comes into possession of the Bulderlyn egg, and why.  It was at one point chance and happenstance.  And now it is more a destiny type thing.  I would really like to avoid the Eragon, your dragon chooses you type destiny.  And also the How to Train Your Dragon type.  I may start off one way, then have the knowledgeable person come in at the end and say - that's all a load of crap.  It hatched because it was ready to hatch.  Or something of that nature.  Don't want to give you all too much...

Late last night I got another round of character design in from Chase Osborne on Chasing Rabbits.  I was flat out speechless.  Speechless in that I had no notes on them.  They were amazing.  He took all of the descriptions, and the photographs to use as a base and came out with the perfect designs.  I didn't have a single note - possibly the first time (Karol just yelled at me because I'm nitpicking the digital editions of Harbor Moon too much, although at times he's way more detailed than I am.).  I love all of the books I'm doing, but I have always believed that Chasing Rabbits is my best script.  And with the work Chase is doing, and we're only in character design, this book could be a serious smash.  I believe that strongly in it to make that statement.

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