Tuesday, November 15, 2011

4.2.3. - Trailer (Slightly Revised)

Because I sort of obsess over very small things, here is the new and improved trailer for my short film 4.2.3.

What was wrong with the old trailer you may ask?

First off, I was editing video that was compressed (H.264).  This is a great codec for sharing/streaming - but it is too compressed to edit.  I had to go back to my original file for the short film which was in Apple Pro-Res 422 and re-edit that (tons of fun).

I also wanted to fix the end title design.  I knew it wasn't perfect because I basically just swapped it in from the short film.  The problem with that is that the short film doesn't have a title come up.  I go from a riddle down to the title (barely) - to a title card stating 'Year 4' at the front.  Karol made a comment and he was right - it didn't work.  So I had to create a title card that had 4 come up, then 2, then 3.  This is actually when I discovered my codec problem.  So, a fix that should have taken a day took about two weeks.

But now the resolution is much higher (it may be imperceptible, but the colors are brighter, the blacks are darker and the images are sharper) - and I have a much better title design.

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