Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Movie Review: The Runaways

Besides Dakota Fanning becoming a woman right before our eyes, this movie doesn't have much going for it.

It's actually hurting my brain to try and write about it, which is why I've put it off for a week.  Analyzing it seems like a fruitless endeavor.  Michael Shannon gives an okay performance and so does Kristen Stewart, but they pale in comparison to Fanning.  I went into this thinking it was more about Joan Jett, but this is much more a character study of Fanning's Cherie Curry.  I don't blame any of them... I don't even blame the lackluster direction - it all starts with the script.  A script with zero insight into the first all-girl rock group.  A script with one dimensional characters (who we know are much more vivid than that in real life).  A script with no ambition.  A script with even less driving it.

Girls are practicing, they don't sound great.  Kim Fowley (Shannon) has local kids throw bottles at them.  Very next scene - they are playing a party and get stuff thrown at them.  They are expertly dodging and blocking it all with their instruments.  Still sound like shit.

It's bad.  And it's a shame.

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