Monday, October 10, 2011

First Time in Michigan

My first trip to Michigan was somewhat of a success.  Lauren and I flew into Detroit and then made our way over to Ann Arbor for the Ornekian/Matteson wedding.  We were able to spend some time in downtown Ann Arbor and got to see the campus, etc...  which was really cool.  Then we got on a bus and headed to an Armo church (that's the Ornekian side of the wedding) for the ceremony. Everything went off without a hitch and Kellie looked amazing. The reception started pretty much immediately and it was great catching up with friends (mostly from USC's Stark Program) I haven't seen in years.  It was odd for me to think it had been that long, but I guess that's what happens when you're all busy and I live in NY now... and I am admittedly horrible about calling anyone.  I'm truly grateful for something like Facebook or I would be pretty out of touch.  I'm just not a phone person.  What is great is that they were all doing really well.  Keith's building an empire.  Paul is about to start another movie as a line producer.  Dan is still at Depth of Field and just got signed by a top management company as a writer.  Ryley is on track with Dikran (I talk to Dikran more than I talk to my own girlfriend so I know how he's doing).

We then proceeded to get really drunk and make fools of ourselves on the dance floor.  At least I did.  I only know this because Lauren informed me the next day.  Which is why our trip was only somewhat of a success.  We completely missed the brunch the next day (even if I had it together - I thought it was at 11:30 and it was actually at 10)... and I am missing the end of the night.  I like to think I was a complete gentlemen and enthralled everyone with my ballroom dancing skills.

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  1. Your toe-touches were the highlight of the night. I thought they were fantastic.