Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Movie Review: Big Fan

I had gone into this little indie hearing good things, but it still didn't gain much of a foothold.  Written and directed by the writer of The Wrestler, a Long Island native... made it more of a must-see for me. 

Not the highest production value, but that was to be expected with an indie of this nature.  In fact, it made it all the more enjoyable.  Like we were living in this world.  The world of a football obsessed fan from Staten Island.  Someone who calls into a radio show almost every night with monologues he spends all day writing.  Someone who lives with his over-bearing mother.  Someone who cares more about the Giants than he does about women or a 'normal' life.  And this someone is oddly fascinating.  Mesmerizing even.  We come to know this guy and it makes his choices that much easier to reconcile.  Choices that a 'normal' person would blanche at.

It culminates in what was one of the better endings I have seen in a long time.  At first you have this cringe-worthy - this just jumped the shark and went into crappy movie territory - moment.  Then, Siegal does an about face and really surprises you. 

If you can track it down, I definitely recommend it.  It moves at a brisk pace and is short enough that you won't mind be tormented by the deranged fandom of what would, on the outside, appear to be a loser.

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