Friday, January 15, 2010

Rev Theory. Get on the bandwagon now.

If you have not yet heard of the band Rev Theory, you soon will.  Their music has been a part of the WWE promotion for a while now... and they have been tearing it up on the road promoting their latest album 'Light It Up' for over a year now.  Opening for bands such as Motley Crue, Sevendust, Papa Roach and Buckcherry.  As anyone who has seen them can attest to - they are amazing live, putting on such a show that they make immediate fans out of most of the audience.

The third single off their album was just released today - 'Broken Bones'.  It's their version of a ballad and the song is sick. 

And if you watch Spike (I am a UFC junkie) there's no way you could have missed promo's for their new college football show 'Blue Mountain State'.  It just so happens that Rev's single 'Hell Yeah' (which is a throw back to 80's arena rock) is the theme song.  The show sort of throws everything into a stew - sex, football, goofy comedy and hopes for the best.... either way, it's a big step for them and it is well deserved.

If you have yet to see the show, you can check out two episodes here for free.  Or at least sit through the credit sequence (which is about a minute in).

And if you have yet to hear anything by Rev Theory - go to iTunes and sample some songs.  Or check out their Myspace Page.

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