Monday, January 25, 2010

Rumblings from the lab

Podcasts.  I've never been sure of them... until I started subscribing to some (such as KCRW's The Business).

I have wanted to do a weekly entertainment show for a while now.  A local access type of thing, in the hope that the TV gods found me - goodlooking, charming, clever and insightful  - and put me in front of millions.  Clearly where I belong.

It would be a half hour 3-camera show, ticking off 24 topics in the film/tv world and my commentary on each.  One minute per topic.  Topics such as script sales, writer hires, casting moves, release dates, upcoming box office and executive moves.  (24 because there are 24 frames per second.  See - clever.)

And then when I was listening to a few podcasts this weekend, it dawned on me.  Why not just do my show as a podcast?  Brilliant.

Well, some initial hurdles need to be overcome. I always envisioned it as a 2 person deal.  It's always better and more interesting to be playing off someone else.  But I guess I could do it Joel McHale The Soup-style. But I don't have a camera, or cameraman.  So it would probably start off as a radio broadcast.  Another reason to have a second personality (and lets face it - I have a face for tv, not radio).

And then there is the technical difficulties of doing it as such.  I can edit a show/video.  I can't edit sound.  And if this is a straight radio broadcast - I don't even know how to record good sound.  I rely on others for this.

But now it is in my head, and I will try and figure this out...  Cause the world needs me.

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