Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Promotion is Never Ending

Hey all... I haven't been neglecting you.  Part of my absence has to do with the fact I want you all to see the last post (the Harbor Moon retail shop request form).  The other part has been consumed with reaching out to comic book shops throughout the country, Canada and Europe to let them know about the book's upcoming release. 

It entailed sending out about 4000 or so emails and over 200 letters - some with a handful of bookmarks and copies of the request form.  It took a while... but will hopefully be worth it.  I just don't want to ever regret not doing something.  Being lazy.  That's just not who I am.  I still have to follow-up with about 100 reviewers/sites who have yet to get back to me... They just don't know what they're missing.

I have been spending some time trying to watch every movie from 2010 I missed during the year.  Some don't come out on DVD until mid-to-late January, but I'm pretty much all caught up and hope to do my Top 10 list this weekend.  I'm also going to be barraging you all with film reviews.

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