Saturday, January 8, 2011

Movie Review: Get Him To the Greek

Get Him to the Greek is the type of film is the type of film I see on DVD and kick myself for not seeing when it was out in theaters.  I'd do a roll call for all the films that fit this description, but the list is very long.

Nick Stoller's followup, and quasi-sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall (another highly enjoyable film I missed in theaters and have watched a dozen times) may lack the overall narrative of the former film, but is even more enjoyable start to finish.  It begins and then doesn't let up until the end.  Even when it is being sentimental, Stoller and Russell Brand don't ever let it be boring.

It is Brand who really shines here.  I'm not sure how he got his start in the UK, but I know that he was extremely likeable and funny in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and he just kills it here.  I guess he's playing a version of himself, but even so - he's pretty damn good.  His comic timing is spot on, and while he never lets it get sentimental he also doesn't allow it to go to farce - no matter how far the story pushes there.  I'm not sure there are many other actors out there who could have pulled that off.  The film hits some pretty dark places, and this is something I actually really appreciated in the end.

You kind of see where the plot is going, although that's not the point of this movie.  It is accepting that and just going along for the wild ride.

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