Sunday, December 27, 2009

Movie Review: Blindside

Not much to say about this somewhat bland, but well-done feel good movie of the year.  I can't stand Sandra Bullock, because she is always playing the same character - but I found myself a big fan of her in this movie.  And that is ultimately what made me like it.

I couldn't stand the token precocious and outgoing little kid.  I wanted to punt him.  This little rat is making his highlight reel?

Some liberties were taken with the story in terms of logic to make for a better movie, and these bothered me.  Besides the little rat, there are stacks of mail and voicemails from coaches and the husband doesn't realize this is going on?  Seems far-fetched.

He's at practice, his first day - and they are going right into play calling?  No drilling for him?  No assistant coaches offering instruction?  This kid has never played a down of football before and the head coach is yelling at him from up on a scaffolding?  He's been in school for half a year and he hasn't done a single thing related to football?

Also, what the heck happened to his boy from the first scene?  The one he's playing basketball with?  And the guy that gets him into school?  WTF?

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