Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Oscar Hopes

My first feature as a producer, BATTLE FOR TERRA, is in the mix for an Oscar nomination for 'Best Animated Feature'.

The Hollywood Reporter just put out a piece on the front-runners, contenders, and long shots. 

Hollywood Reporter - "A look at the 20 animated films in contention this season"

Pretty awesome that they have us as a 'contender', and I happen to agree with their spot on commentary in regard to the film.  It is far from perfect, but I think very few people realize just  how little we made that film for.

Time and budget constraints dash even the highest hopes.  In the end, the aliens did look rather bland.  But if you look at Mala, she's well-developed.  We just didn't have the manpower for the rest of them.  So they all look the same.  And the humans are atrocious.  We would have been better going with a more cartoony look, rather than the wanna-be life-like way they were treated. 

At the end of the day, I think those animation details would have been forgiven if the script was any good.

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