Friday, February 19, 2010

Comic Book Creators/Artists and Directing

The Hollywood Reporter had a good article about comic book writers/artists breaking into the film industry as directors.

I'm trying to do the same, but in reverse.  I am in the film industry, but there is such a stigma attached to producers who are trying to write/direct... because everyone in Hollywood has a script of their own.  So I took to the drawn page to show everyone that I have a vision, can direct - even though I have my BA  in Film Production, won a few awards with some shorts from Hofstra and then attended the best film program at the best film school in the world.  It's always an uphill battle - and you need to give yourself as many weapons as possible.

I'm all about finding inspiration in others and through words, and Joss Whedon finishes the article with a great quote:
Whedon predicts that comic artists shuttling between books and movies is the wave of the future. "I was a writer who said I wanted to direct, and they mocked me," he says. "Now, it's not strange. People bopping between TV and movies used to be a stigma, and now it's not anymore. What you're seeing, and what technology is allowing, is people creating a chance for themselves."

My reason for getting into comics wasn't strictly to direct.  I wanted to create properties around my scripts.  Something tangible.  I'm also a comic book nerd, and growing up wanted to be a comic book artist/creator.  Then I started playing lacrosse and going to art school was never realistic if I wanted to play lacrosse in college.

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