Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slacking with my Posts

I have not been very active in posting here... I apologize. I feel like I have some good excuses though... In the last month or so:

Finished the artwork for Harbor Moon. Not only are we preparing the files for the printer, but we have been working hard to lock a PDF to distribute to development executives on the film side. It has been an uphill battle and we don't have the best solution - but we have a solution. It is just taking time to complete.

We're done with the main artwork on the children's illustrated book Warm Fuzz. Waiting on the artist to finish the cover and splash page. Then he needs to paint the text. He's in China, barely speaks English - so it is taking more time than we had hoped.

Overseeing the ongoing artwork for the R.E.M. graphic novel.  By excellent artist Marco Magallanes.

Finished the outline to the novel for my feature script The Beast

Closing a deal to come onboard a project as a producer. I don't want to give too many details - but it is written by one of the most renowned fantasy authors and I'm very excited. Expect an official announcement shortly.

Revising the business plan for the feature film R.E.M., after closing a deal to bring on producer Luiza Ricupero.

Pounding the venture capital pavement for funding for my next four graphic novels, Filmworks Finishing Partners and the feature films King of the Night and R.E.M.  This means sending out email after email, constantly researching venture capital firms and following up with all correspondence.

Writing a business plan for a filmmaker.  And re-outlining a writer's script.

Training at Panza MMA just about every night, and in the mornings on Saturday.  In between going to the gym every day.

All while helping take care of my grandfather (we recently hired someone full-time which has been a huge help). With a ton of work knocked out, my focus now is on R.E.M., specifically rewriting it based on some good notes by Luiza. The sooner I can turn it around the better...  So it will be about a week or two with sporadic updates, as I won't be watching, listening or doing much of anything but working and training.

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