Monday, February 22, 2010

Top 10 Least Anticipated Films of 2010

There are a lot of films that I find innocously bad, like Eat, Pray, Love - but I see their appeal and possible artistic merit. These are films I dread ever seeing a frame of...

1.  Hot Tub Time Machine
          Easily the least funny comedy trailer all year. 
          Complete with bad Michael Jackson joke.

2.  Cop Out
          Won't Kevin Smith just retire already? It was downhill
          after Mallrats my man. Give it up.

3.  Remember Me
          How long before Pattinson is on TV after the last
         Twilight movie?

4.  Sex and the City 2
          Are women this desperate for entertainment aimed
          at them?

5.  Beastly
          Out of all the High School Musical cast, Hudgens is
          easily my favorite - but why, Good Lord, why? She
          should fire her agent, and CBS Films should crumble
          around this trainwreck. Worst trailer of the year.

6.  MacGruber
           So it's a MacGuyver spoof with an unfunny cast
           member from SNL. See you there.

7.  Furry Vengeance
           Brendan Frasier is involved. Enough said.

8. Killers
           I like Kutcher as a person, or at least his outward
           persona... but Heigl?  If you're going to replace Cruise
           and Jolie, bonafide stars I want to see, with Heigl and
           Kutcher, you better start sending out your resume.

9.  Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
           I know it is trendy to like Edgar Wright, but I don't.
           In fact, I hate his films.

10. Tron: Legacy
            I'm betting not even Olivia Wilde can save this one.

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