Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've still been dealing with my left elbow tendonitis, going on two years now. Two cortisone injections and a tremendous amount of downtime later - I'm pretty frustrated.

I went back to my general practitioner to get his opinion on the situation, because I'm ready to have surgery. He recommended I see a Physical Therapist who is also a doctor that specializes in this type of stuff. So I set an appointment for this Thursday.

A few weeks ago I found out there is a holistic healing college in my hometown (Syosset, NY). I live a few towns over now and train at the gym right down the street from this place. Apparently you can see students there for a pretty small dollar amount. One hour massages. And something I've been extremely interested in for a long time - accupuncture. It's somewhat amazing that after all the crazy stuff I've done to try and better my health (physical and mental) that I haven't done this yet. So I booked an appointment for last night.

I was excited when I walked through the door. And this was actually a hospital/school. You go back into what is basically a white ER, swarming with students in white coats and what I guess were professors - I just assume because they were the older ones. I was taken back to a curtained off bed, sitting across from a 40 year old Indian woman who proceeded to ask me a plethora of questions about my urine, sleep habits, what was going on, etc... She wrote some notes down and we talked a bit - and I was getting more excited because I love this shit. I told her about my low energy, my ruptured kidney and how some other healers thought I had energy blockage there (which may have led to the rupture), my torn achilles and my left elbow tendonitis. She made me feel very comfortable and was so nice in a way that actually seemed genuine. I put on a gown and got on the table with my chest up. She came back with another student and they started to prep me for the needles.

When they put the needles in, I was told they always start with the ears. Well, my ears are like hard rocks cause of the cauliflower ear. She kind of freaked out about it, which was funny. I told her to jam that shit in as hard as she could. I was good to go. She passed and started on my chest. It was definitely weird and the first one took my breath away - but mostly because I have no meat on my sternum right below my over-sized chest. Then they got me in along my legs, waistline, edge of my feet and then on top of my head - which she told me was the main one for energy. When they were done they turned the lights off and let me rest for a few minutes. Maybe 15-30 minutes. I don't know, I was pretty damn relaxed.

Then they came back and took out the pins. They were looking at each other, excited with the area around each pin. Apparently if it gets red, that's energy or something releasing. So, it worked.

I usually have a massive clump of tissue/muscle somewhat over my left kidney that feels like someone screwed it into my body. No matter how much I heat it, how much I massage it, how much I do to get rid of it - it never goes away. Last night, on the drive home - I was somewhat blown away that I didn't feel it. And then I was freaking myself out cause I was trying to make it come back to feel it - cause I didn't know if it was gone or if I was just crazy. But all last night it wasn't there. I swear. It came back a bit today, but still diminished. And something I realized halfway through today - my elbow didn't hurt. I didn't have any pain in my left elbow. I repeat - I didn't have any pain in my left elbow.

I don't really know what to write after that. I am sold on this shit. I will be back next week.

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