Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Movie Review: Unstoppable

I know Tony Scott catches a lot of grief for his films (among film snobs)... dating all the way back to Top Gun.  That film is easily in my top 10, and Tony Scott has made some great movies.  Days of Thunder Enemy of the State, Beverly Hills Cop II.  Really good movies.  The Last Boy Scout, Spy Games, True Romance.  I even like the remake of Taking of Pelham 123.

But to do another train movie with the same actor, in what appeared to be the same role?  Eh.  And throw in that mix, a late dose of this wild editing and shooting style.  Man on Fire was watchable, but started this trend for Mr. Scott.  Then came Domino.  It actually caused sea-sickness.  And the painful to watch Deja Vu.

So, it is safe to say I wasn't pumped about checking out Unstoppable.  That's probably why this is coming way after its release, only after I DVR'd it on HBO.  While this doesn't exactly land on Tony's top 10 (I just ran the list, it's at 11)... it is a fairly enjoyable movie.  Once the train actually goes rogue, things move quickly and don't stop moving.  You'd think this would be somewhat lame, but he does a really good job of holding it together and keeping us interested in the fate of this train.  He also does a slick job of including some personal elements of our hero's lives, the affable Chris Pine and Denzel Washington.  Kudos to the writer (or whoever it was) that decided to make both of Denzel's daughters Hooters waitresses.  Nice touch.  But all of that is just periphery, because our focus is on stopping that train.  Definitely worth a viewing at home.

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