Friday, September 9, 2011

Unit Distribution Manager

I'm sick of hearing the term PMD - this hip term indie distribution 'experts' are cramming down our throats.  As a producer who oversees the entire production of a film, and if often with it years before it even goes into production, I take producer credits seriously (also because I went to a 'Producer' MFA program).

I also dislike the title 'Producer of Marketing and Distribution'.

What I'm proposing is a different term, something more fitting - Unit Distribution Manager, or UDM.  Your film probably has a UPM, who is the manager of the production - so it would be more fitting if this individual was the manager of the marketing.  Because in the end, they don't call the shots on distribution, they only facilitate it through possible Direct Distribution channels.  It doesn't confuse any of the above the line relationships.

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