Friday, September 9, 2011

Bulderlyns Step-by-Step Promo

Sometimes I'll post the progression of a page on here (I probably don't do it enough).  And sometimes I will just post a page as it is in progress (as I did with the coloring of Page 1 of Bulderlyns).  Well, earlier this week Pawel did one better - he put together a promo sheet with the penciling, inking and coloring stages of Bulderlyns.  It looks pretty bad ass.

I'm hyped on this book - I hope the writing/story is half as good as the artwork and artists.  The past few days have been sort of eating at me as I contemplate that, and my own abilities.


  1. You need some Skittles RPC- your talents and abilities are pretty outstanding... learn it. love it. live it.

  2. I can't buy skittles. I eat those giant bags immediately. And the human sized portions are for wimps and posers.